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Knightsbridge debuts new self-test emergency lighting range

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Knightsbridge has launched a new range of self-test emergency lighting products that promise convenience, compliance, cost savings and ease of fault identification. 

The LED-powered range, which is designed for retail, commercial, industrial and HMO applications, comprises of a robust bulkhead unit, a contemporary downlight, high lumen twin spotlights, and a versatile exit sign.

The self-test feature is built into each product and conducts routine functional and duration testing in accordance with the relevant standards, obviating the need for costly manual testing and intervention other than to record and rectify faults. With no requirement to isolate the mains supply to test, there is no disruption to the normal working day and no loss of productivity.

After installation and an initial 24-hour charging period, the product conducts its own self-test operation. This consists of a three-hour duration test, after which a 30-second ‘monthly’ function test is carried out every 28 days, and then yearly another three-hour duration test. Following each self-test sequence, the unit will revert into charging mode.

The unit’s status and any fault modes are shown by the bi-colour LED indicator. A green light is displayed in normal running mode, while a red light operates to indicate the following: one red flash indicates a battery fault, two red flashes indicate a lamp fault and three red flashes indicate a duration test failure. Manual initiation of the testing procedure is also possible should it be required.

When it comes to emergency lighting, the new Knightsbridge range of self-test luminaires puts safety first while requiring minimal manual intervention post installation, therefore keeping costs down.

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