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Drivers from more than 60 countries pledge to make EV switch as part of World EV Day

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World EV Day

Drivers from more than 60 countries around the world have made the commitment to switch to an electric vehicle as part of World EV Day. 

World EV Day, which is taking place today, was launched by Green.TV to push the electric vehicle revolution to the top of the agenda. Numerous companies have supported that push, including ABB and Hyundai, with a large part of the day dedicated to an online pledge campaign. 

ABB and Green.TV were both keen to get drivers to make a firm commitment when it comes to making a switch to an electric vehicle. What it found is that those all across the world were ready for the switch, with respondents from more than 60 countries. 

Drivers in the UK were most likely to make the commitment, with 29% of those signing the online pledge coming from the UK. That was followed by 13% from India and 11% from the USA. Surprisingly, countries with large numbers of existing EV drivers, such as Norway, were absent from the top 10 list. Notably, however, car-loving Germany was placed seventh place, with 3% of pledgers heralding from the home of BMW, Mercedes and VW. 

Tarak Mehta, president of ABB Electrification, commented: “Today marks an important milestone in the history of e-mobility with the world’s first EV Day. As headline partner, ABB is delighted to see so many individuals from around the globe taking positive action by signing the pledge.

“At ABB we are committed to inspiring drivers towards a sustainable electric future. As such we have launched an ABB fleet electrification pilot program, starting in the UK and with other countries including the Netherlands set to follow.”

Ade Thomas, founder, Green.TV, added: “The rapid transition to electrified, sustainable mobility has never been more urgent. With World EV Day, we are hopeful that we have helped energize and highlight the need to decarbonise transport and encourage everyone to look to electric as a way to continue to build prosperity, enable access and deliver a sustainable way of life.”

There is still time to take the pledge. Simply visit:

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