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Recolight shares details on its final webinar on lighting and the circular economy

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Recolight has a webinar series focused on lighting and the circular economy. That series is set to end on September 15, with a focus on how to transition towards a sustainable industry. 

The third webinar will be chaired by Ray Molony, online editor at LuxReview. He will be joined by Helen Loomes, business development director at Trilux Lighting; Michael Grubb, creative director of Michael Grubb Studio; Owain Griffiths, head of circular economy strategy at Oakdene Hollins; and William Skeates, senior compliance and sustainability manager at Sky. 

Helen Loomes will present Repro-light; a European research project that aims to support the European lighting industry in moving towards a more sustainable and competitive future. Commenting on the presentation, she noted, “As part of the global community we all have to look very seriously at our legacy and adjust how we live now. We aim to inform ourselves of the very best way to a sustainable future, so research is a key factor here.

“When we truly investigate, without prejudice or assumptions, the results can be surprising. We want to share this information and work with the whole community to jointly make a difference.”

Meanwhile, Michael Grubb will share the success of his studio’s Re:lit project. A project that since 2014 has taken second-hand lighting equipment that would be sent to landfill and put them in a new environment to be used.

Owain Griffiths will describe how Oakdene Hollins is supporting organisations and policy makers transitioning to a circular economy. He will discuss the size, barriers, and opportunities to deploying a circular economy model.

Finally, William Skeates will share Sky’s sustainability governance and objectives. The Circular Economy model is just one enabler of Sky’s business goal to be carbon zero by 2030.

As the third and final webinar in the series, Recolight notes that it will follow on from the presentations and discussions that were featured in the first two webinars. Thankfully, those two webinars are still available for replay on Recolight’s website. 

In the first webinar Defra, Lighting Europe and Recolight presented new regulations and standards for lighting. In the second presenters challenged lighting producers to be more sustainable and presented solutions to enable this. 

Nigel Harvey, Recolight CEO, commented, “Recolight had originally planned to run a one day Circular Economy workshop in London. But lockdown meant that had to change, and we took the decision to run webinars instead. More people have been able to attend. Lower costs meant we could make attendance free of charge. And no delegate or speaker travel significantly reduced our carbon footprint – so vital in the current climate crisis. The result has been excellent – thanks both to our speakers, and particularly to the direction provided by Ray Molony.”

The Webinar will conclude with a panel discussion addressing the end-user; their expectations, requirements, and how the lighting industry should position themselves with a Circular Economy model.The webinar is free to join, registration is required and can be done on Recolight’s website.

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