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Franklin Energy to install 22 new rapid chargers in Sheffield

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Franklin Energy EV Chargers Sheffield

Franklin Energy is set to expand its network of electric vehicle chargers in Sheffield, with the company confirming that it will install 22 new rapid chargers in the city. 

The new rapid chargers in Sheffield will add to the number of EV charging points that can be accessed by customers using Franklin Energy’s LiFe network. This network is predominantly focused in the North West of England, with the highest concentration in Franklin Energy’s home market of Liverpool, however, there are already eight EV chargers available on the LiFe network in Sheffield. 

The 22 new chargers will help Sheffield with its planned implementation of a Clean Air Zone, which will require drivers to decarbonise their vehicle to avoid having to pay to drive in the zone. The rapid chargers will limit downtime for taxi drivers, with 10 chargers reserved to taxis, as well as offer a quick charging option for residents and visitors to Sheffield. 

Electrical Review has reached out to Franklin Energy to ascertain what chargers will be installed in Sheffield, although given they have been described as ‘rapid’ chargers, we would expect at least a 50kW charger. Franklin Energy notes that the chargers will provide an 80% charge to a range of EVs in under an hour. 

Construction work is already underway on the installation of the new chargers, with some replacing outdated chargers at the Carver Lane car park in the city centre and the Parker’s Lane car park in Broomhall. All 22 chargers are scheduled to be online by November. 

The chargers are funded from the UK Government’s Joint Air Quality Unit and the Office of Low Emission Vehicles. The total cost of the scheme is £1.2million.

Bob Johnson, a Sheffield councillor and cabinet member for Transport and Sustainability, commented, “Electric cars are not a niche for early adopters anymore – they are becoming more and more popular. These 22 charging points are a starting point, not only increasing the number of places you can recharge but upgrading the existing chargers to be faster. Waiting hours for a full charge should be a thing of the past.”

Rob Byrne, managing director of Franklin Energy, added, “We are delighted to work with Sheffield city council in building a new rapid charging network from the ground up. The city has ambitious targets to be carbon neutral and has committed to implementing a clean air zone in 2021. 

“This will help to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles and e-taxis across the region and as an experienced electric vehicle (EV) charging provider, Franklin Energy will help with the strategic deployment of future charging infrastructure to facilitate the transition to mass adoption of EV’s.”

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