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New ‘Lighting Professional’ Related Discipline ECS card launched

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LED lighting

The Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) has partnered with the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) to launch a new ‘Lighting Professional’ Related Discipline ECS card. 

The ECS Related Discipline card allows those working in support of the electrical industry in specialised electrotechnical disciplines, but who do not carry out any electrical installation work, to attend and work on construction sites.

The Lighting Professional Related Discipline card is open to Associate Members (AMSLL), Members (MSLL) and Fellows (FSLL) of the Society of Light and Lighting. Applicants must successfully complete an ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment and attend an Electrical Safety Awareness training day and assessment. The Lighting Professional Related Discipline card is valid for three years, during which time the applicant must maintain their membership of the SLL.

SLL Affiliates who want to apply for the card must first upgrade their membership to one of the corporate grades listed above. 

Jay Parmar, chief executive of the JIB, noted, “The construction industry places a huge degree of importance on ECS cards as a means to ensure that those working on site are equipped with the right skills and qualifications to operate in a safe manner. The JIB continues to work closely with the industry to ensure that the ECS continues to meet its ever changing needs and we are therefore delighted to have spent the last 12 months working with the SLL to bring the Lighting Professional Related Discipline card to fruition.”

Bob Bohannon, SLL president, added, “I am delighted that the SLL has partnered with the JIB to enable all our corporate members to apply for the ECS Lighting Professional Related Discipline card. Having completed the necessary training and assessments, the card provides our members with the very practical benefit of being able to access and work on construction sites as a recognised professional. Many of us need to work on site for everything from site surveys, mock-ups and aiming to construction monitoring and commissioning, we can now use our skills as well as a sound knowledge and awareness of health & safety and electrical safety. This very useful new benefit for SLL members will create safer workplaces place for all.”

The cost of applying for the card is £40 with an additional fee of £40 for the ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment. In addition applicants for the card will need to take the Electrical Safety Awareness training day and assessment, costs to be confirmed by the training and assessment Centres.  

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