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Thorn’s latest luminaires offer an education in lighting

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Thorn Lighting contrast range

Thorn Lighting is a globally trusted supplier of both outdoor and indoor luminaires, providing smart and sustainable lighting solutions that create comfortable, fulfilling environments for people to live and work in. 

Whether it’s offices, educational establishments, healthcare or commercial environments, lighting both the buildings and their surroundings, Thorn has built a strong reputation for reliability, functionality and technically advanced design, providing products and services which make it easier for customers to specify, install and maintain good quality, energy efficient lighting. Thorn has recently launched additions to some of its ranges:


Launched in 1980 and designed specifically for a classroom application, College was the first luminaire to offer a curved optic which provided good vertical illuminance onto the walls to highlight a students’ work, as well as lighting the horizontal of the desks and floor. 

Today we recognise that learning is about communication and to achieve this, we have modernised our optics to ensure a balanced lit environment, not just on the desk and walls, but on the face of the teacher too, so that a pupil can better understand facial expressions. 

Our product is rated to IP44 to ensure that whether the classroom is to be used as a general teaching space or for science, you are able to specify the same solution throughout your school to maintain a consistent design language.

Diffusalux 3

With College being our solution for the primary areas of a school, our new Diffusalux 3 solution has been designed for secondary areas, such as circulation, toilets and stores. 

Continuing the theme of using a curved profile to provide a well-lit space, we also offer a new feature called LOS for your project. LOS is an abbreviation for a light output switch which enables you to configure both the lumen output and the wattage for your project. 

Rated to IP40 and featuring lockable end caps, this aids easy maintenance and reduces unwanted access. 

Both College and Diffusalux 3 are available for use with various sensors, wired and wireless lighting control solutions.


Able to be mounted to a surface or a column, the new Contrast is a compact architectural floodlight range that is able to provide various light distributions ranging from a narrow 8 degrees up to a very wide 60 degrees, asymmetric or elliptical. 

Typically our customers use this product to highlight the architecture of a building or illuminate a public area, and to make this easier, we have integrated our basicDIM wireless control. This enables the user to easily change the colour temperature and light intensity to create the right ambience using a smartphone. 

If desired we are also able to create a dynamic colour changing scene to make your building or object distinctive.

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