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Electrical Industries Charity highlights importance of relationship support during Covid-19

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Support Needed

There’s no denying that the Covid-19 lockdown could have been a blessing for some relationships, as it meant that you got to spend more time with your partner. However, on the flip side, it could have been a curse for those that were having difficulties pre-pandemic that were amplified from the forced time together. 

Thankfully, despite the pandemic, the Electrical Industries Charity has always been available to offer support for those struggling to make their relationship work. 

It may sound odd that the Electrical Industries Charity would use its resources on relationship counselling, however, there’s a very good reason for that. The electrical sector has one of the highest divorce rates of all industries, with 69.8% of relationships ending in divorce. This is largely due to long hours, time away from home, infidelity or caring for a sick child or parent. 

What can the Electrical Industries Charity do for struggling relationships? 

There are numerous levers of support that the Electrical Industries Charity can pull. For example, Craig and Donna received counselling that was sourced and funded by the charity. 

Craig and Donna have been having difficulties with their relationship since the birth of their second child two years ago. Donna struggled with severe post-natal depression after the birth of their second child, which amplified the issues in her relationship with Craig. 

Both Donna and Craig struggle with communication. With two young children in the house and their personal difficulties with communication it became even more difficult to talk to each other. 

Craig struggled to show his emotions. When Craig and Donna would argue Donna would shut down or hibernate or get angry and defensive.

Recognising the issues in their relationship Craig and Donna began to have relationship counselling sourced and funded by the Electrical Industries Charity.

Just as Donna and Craig began to attend therapy the lockdown happened and they were unable to attend sessions nor embed new practices. Again, their relationship began to suffer.

They reached back out to the Electrical Industries Charity welfare team. With a limited number of charity-funded sessions, the couple were fearful the therapy may not be enough to save their relationship.

The charity continued to support both Craig and Donna separately through the pandemic. They were referred to separate therapists to establish different coping mechanisms and communication techniques. Once they have worked through their own issues the Charity will support them in further relationship counselling so they can look forward to a future of being a happy family.

Others are able to receive support for their relationship by reaching out to the Electric Industries Charity’s welfare team on 0800 652 1618 or

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