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Electricity North West calls on MPs to back Local Electricity Bill

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Electricity North West, the DNO for much of the North West of England, is calling on MPs in the region to back the Local Electricity Bill, which the firm notes will transform the UK’s energy system and help lead towards net zero. 

The Local Electricity Bill was presented by Conservative MP Jeremy Lefroy, and it would enable electricity generators to become local suppliers and set local costs of electricity. It was first introduced back in 2018, although it failed to clear the first stage of parliamentary procedure, despite being backed by 116 MPs. 

On Wednesday, the Local Electricity Bill will be reintroduced as the Ten Minute Rule. Electricity North West has called on MPs across the region it covers to back it, ensuring it progresses past the first hurdle. The firm notes that it will help the UK accelerate towards its net zero future. 

Supporters of the bill say that it would make the setup and running costs proportionate to the scale of the supply operation and would give Ofgem, the energy markets regulator, a duty to establish a Right to Local Supply.

Peter Emery, chief executive at Electricity North West, said: “The Local Electricity Bill will be a huge benefit to economies and communities in the North West and it will help unlock remarkable potential for new community energy schemes across the country.

“We power the lives of five million customers in the North West and we very much support the bill which would help transform our region.

“We’re working with key stakeholders, including Power for People, who are co-ordinating the national campaign and we’re now calling on MPs in our region to show their support and back the bill later this month.”

In addition to Electricity North West, 200 national and local organisations, including Community Energy England, Community Energy Scotland, Community Energy Wales, the Solar Trade Association, the British Hydropower Association, the RSPB, WWF, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth also backed the bill.

The bill is due to be re-introduced as a Ten Minute Rule motion on Wednesday 10 June and is being led by Peter Aldous MP.

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