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Red Arrow lights up The Company Shop Group

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Lighting designer Paul Yarnell and the team at Red Arrow designed and supplied new warehouse and store lighting for The Company Shop Group, Grimsby.

For five decades, The Company Shop Group has been creating a new kind of supermarket for the UK’s biggest retailers, manufacturers, food service and logistics providers in the country. When the company approached Red Arrow to improve the lighting quality in its Grimsby store, while avoiding any additional electrical work and building alterations, the team were ready for the challenge. 

After surveying the site to assess the customer’s requirements of upgrading both the store and warehouse fittings, Yarnell decided on two different solutions for each area. 

By adapting and replacing the existing lighting with LED fittings in the store area, Red Arrow was able to achieve better lighting without increasing the quantity of luminaires. In the warehouse space, the replacement of high intensity discharge lamps with LED high bays resulted in a reduction of power consumption by more than 150W per fitting. This was further enhanced by the use of microwave and daylight sensors, allowing the fittings to only turn on when required, without any manual intervention. 

Different products and designs were used in the store and warehouse spaces to achieve the light levels briefed for each space. This resulted in 300 lux in the store and 200 lux in the warehouse, creating a pleasant shopping experience and a comfortable working environment for The Company Shop Group’s employees. The project also resulted in another project for Red Arrow – working with AB Electrical for Middleton’s Company Shop Group, based on a like-for-like replacement. 


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