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Megger releases MTO106 transformer ohmmeter

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Portable electrical test equipment manufacturer Megger has launched its new easy-to-use MTO106 transformer ohmmeter.

Designed for use in the field, this instrument allows users to readily carry out safe and accurate measurement of winding resistance in smaller transmission and distribution transformers.

The MTO106 is a dual-channel instrument that can supply test currents of up to 6A per channel, making it suitable for performing tests on the vast majority of power transformers, reactors and instrument transformers. Its test voltage of 48V ensures fast saturation of the transformer core, which keeps test times to a minimum and, for safety, the MTO106 incorporates automatic passive discharge circuitry.

“Our customers have told us that they need a test set for measuring transformer winding resistances that’s simple, safe, accurate and dependable,” said Per Lindestam, portfolio manager for transformer testing products at Megger. “And we’re pleased to be able to meet this need with the new MTO106. We’re particularly excited about the intuitive multimeter-type user interface. To activate the test cycle, all users need to do is select the test current with a rotary switch and press the test button. It really is that simple.”

Megger’s new MTO106 transformer ohmmeter is designed to be portable: it weighs only 7.3kg without test leads and is built into a plastic case that provides IP67 protection when closed. So that users have everything they need to start testing as soon as they receive their new instrument, it is supplied complete with two 10m test leads, two Kelvin clamps, a 5m ground lead and full documentation.


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