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REHAU smart controls meet underfloor heating demand

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An overhaul in smart control technology is required if developers and installers are to meet increasing demand for efficient and adaptable building heating systems, REHAU has said.

Contractors must balance flexibility and practicality when specifying smart controls. By selecting controls that can be easily installed, configured and operated, and are suitable to a wide range of buildings and applications, specifiers can help occupants better realise energy efficiency and cost benefits.

This is particularly the case for high-end heating solutions such as underfloor heating systems, where smart controls are a sought-after addition to optimise and automate building energy usage. To help meet these needs regardless of system size and requirements, REHAU has developed the new NEA Smart 2.0 underfloor heating smart control for use in new or refurbishment projects.

Applicable to a wide variety of premises including residential properties, schools and office buildings, it combines disparate data from multiple sources to efficiently regulate heating in up to 60 rooms. These sources include weather data gathered from its own sensors and the internet, and information learnt from a building’s overall energy efficiency and occupant heating habits.

Working from a base station that is hard-wired or wirelessly connected to individual room controllers, the NEA Smart 2.0 can be continuously supplemented with more devices as the building and its requirements develop. The system’s internet connection means that geofencing technology can determine the location of occupants and heat the premises accordingly, and provide the means for remote maintenance.

“The new NEA Smart 2.0 has been designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind,” said Franz Huelle, head of technical at REHAU Building Solutions. “Developers and installers can use the system as they require it – it can be as simple or as complex as their project demands, and can be easily configured and adapted as those demands evolve.

“The NEA Smart 2.0 marks the beginning of an exciting journey for REHAU and we are excited to develop the capabilities of our smart controls for a more sustainable future.”

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