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ABB introduces home EV charging solution

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ABB has launched its new Terra AC wallbox as part of its ‘Mission to Zero’ for smart cities.

The wallbox is designed not only to meet the surging demand for quality yet affordable connected charging in homes and businesses, but also supports the growing generation of renewable energy users who want to harness and manage the consumption of their own power.

The new Terra AC wallbox is available in up to 22kW variants to ensure compatibility with the electrical system of homes and buildings across the world. It offers a safe, smart and sustainable charging solution which supports ABB Electrification’s ‘Mission to Zero’ for smart cities, a vision for a zero-emission reality for all.

It will be available in select markets, including Europe, over the coming months and available globally by May 2020. The AC wallbox can be ordered via the ABB partner network.

Frank Muehlon, head of ABB’s global business for e-mobility infrastructure solutions, explained, “The trends of urbanisation, digitalisation and industrialisation all converged to necessitate a significant shift in the way we travel. Already leading the DC fast charging market, we recognised the need to draw on our extensive experience to develop a game changing AC solution for overnight or longer duration charging in homes and businesses.

“The Terra AC wallbox represents exactly that; easy to install and use, it will integrate seamlessly with the digital lifestyle of today’s consumers, allowing them to efficiently manage their energy usage and contribute to a greener society for today and future generations.”

The Terra AC wallbox benefits from connectivity that enables configuration and software updates via a dedicated app or remotely via the cloud, providing flexibility and minimising the need for on-site intervention, maximising uptime and efficiency.

Each charger is equipped with a high accuracy revenue grade energy meter that can be integrated with smart building energy management systems, allowing advanced load management features. This enables home and business owners to adjust the power of assets as needed to maximise charging power and cost efficiency.


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