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Stirling Council selects ESP for access control provision

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Stirling Council has selected products from ESP’s Aperta access control range as part of a scheme to install security measures in its housing developments.

Liam Wilkie, electrical specialist for Stirling Council, has been utilising products from across the Scolmore Group of companies for a variety of recent projects and chose ESP’s Aperta video door entry systems for this particular scheme due to the ease of installation and operation. Two products from the Aperta range are being installed; the colour video door entry system and the colour video door entry system with record facility.  

Wilkie commented, “I selected these particular kits due to the easiness of installation. They use simple two-core cabling which makes the installation quick and they always work first time. They look stylish and a choice of a black or white colour for the monitors means we are able to select one to best suit the tenants’ décor.”

As well as the general installation in domestic properties, the door access kits have been utilised as part of the council’s care crime scheme. This is where there is an urgent need to provide security for a particular tenant who may need the reassurance of checking who is at the door before they open it. This is where, according to Liam Wilkie, the speed with which these kits can be installed really makes all the difference.

“We get great support from ESP and Scolmore,” added Wilkie. “It’s not just about the great products that can be relied upon, but also the great back up and support service that they offer and we look forward to continuing to work with them.”


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