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Electricity North West switches to renewable electricity

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Depots and offices owned by Electricity North West are now being powered by renewable energy generated from Walney Wind Farm off the coast of Cumbria, as part of the North West’s move to become carbon neutral.

The switch has helped Electricity North West take a significant step towards becoming carbon neutral itself, in line with its ‘Leading the North West to Zero Carbon’ plan.

Helen Boyle, strategic decarbonisation manager at Electricity North West, said: “We’ve set a target as a business to become carbon neutral by 2038 in line with Greater Manchester.

“While it’s an ambitious target, we know it can be achieved, and by switching to 100% renewable electricity, it certainly helps us take a huge step in the right direction.

“As the region’s electricity network operator, we’re at the forefront of helping the region meet its carbon neutral targets. We’re constantly investing in new technology as the North West moves away from fossil fuels and uses more renewable electricity for things like transport and heating – we’re making sure our network can handle that huge expected increase in electricity demand so that we can all benefit.”

Electricity North West’s ‘Leading the North West to Zero Carbon’ plan sets out bold ambitions to help the region become carbon neutral by 2050 and Greater Manchester by 2038.


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