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Back to skool for Labour

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Big fights still continue within the Labour Party regarding what future (if any) nuclear fission should have.

As the election was announced, the party issued an 187 page document. Thirty recommendations by 2030 contains one very odd section. It ostensibly backs nuclear, even whilst conceding that, “There are significant embedded greenhouse gas emissions associated with nuclear.” These are in respect of, “the construction of the plant, uranium mining, milling, fuel processing, fuel enrichment, refuelling” – being offline for months at a time – “back-up power, radioactive waste storage, and decommissioning.” Quite so.

Additionally, it contains some weird editing errors, including several sloppy spelling mistakes: in the same sentence it spells the nuclear plant Hinkley Point C also wrongly as Hinckley.  It manages to spell the proposed Moorside nuclear plant near Sellafield as both Moreside and Mooreside. And includes one hysterically wrong location of a nuclear reactor site, moving Bradwell from Essex to Kent. 

I wonder whether this might have been an early unexpected consequence of sea level rise from climate change. With friends as incompetent as these, does nuclear need enemies?



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