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New MFT1741+ multifunction installation tester from Megger

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The new MFT1741+ multifunction installation tester (MFT) from Megger has been designed to offer dependable loop impedance testing, with unique ‘confidence meter’ functionality, combined with rapid testing of electrical vehicle charge points.

The MFT1741+ has been designed with safety and ease of use in mind. It has CAT IV 300 V safety rating and user-friendly features, like simple colour coded test selection and ambidextrous operation. This new model, however, also has non-trip loop impedance testing that enables users to get reliable results quickly even in electrically noisy environments, and allows non-trip testing on circuits protected by sensitive 10 mA RCDs.

With the aid of an optional adaptor, users of the MFT1741+ can also fully test electrical vehicle charge points. When they select Auto EV mode, the instrument automatically runs through the EV charge point RCD test sequence, including the 6 mA DC test.

In addition to the new features, the MFT1741+ provides everything needed for testing electrical installations in line with the requirements of the latest IET Wiring Regulations. Users don’t need to record test results manually, as the MFT1741+ has a large internal memory, which can be accessed via a convenient cable-free Bluetooth connection.

“We’ve always listened to our customers about what they want from an MFT and designed our instruments accordingly,” said Peter Wade of Megger, “and that’s exactly what we’ve done with the MFT1741+. Customers said they needed easier loop testing and provision for testing EV charge points, along with other features like facilities for testing three-phase systems and for measuring earth electrode impedance. We’ve provided all this new functionality, while retaining the features that have made our range of MFTs so popular.”


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1 Comment

  • by D Y
    Posted September 1, 2020 3:13 pm 0Likes

    DO NOT PURCHASE THIS TESTER. It trips the 6mA DC current monitoring safety device installed in car charging equipment making the earth fault loop impedance test impossible to carry out in a safe manner.

    It is a know issue and I have it on good authority it is being corrected but the cost will be forwarded to the owner as each unit needs to be sent off to Megger for a firmware update.

    Very Very disappointed!

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