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Siemens leverages KNX for new multi-sensor presence detector

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Siemens Smart Infrastructure has announced a new presence detector which features five sensors, meaning that it can contribute to energy-efficient lighting and climate control without having to rely on additional accessories. 

Utilising the GAMMA instabus building system, which is based on the KNX standard, the WIDE UP 258Dx1 presence detector can feed important data to a central building management system to ensure that rooms are only lit and heated when they’re needed to. Siemens managed to pack five sensors into its presence detector, meaning the WIDE UP 258Dx1 is able to record presence, brightness, temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. 

The new presence detector brings together both optical as well as technical components. The WIDE Dual Tech model, for example, has an ultrasound function that can be used to reliably detect hidden objects, such as those behind partitions in offices. An extensive application program with comprehensive control functions, adjustment and parameterisation options offers users streamlined management of building processes and the corresponding energy savings. 

Additionally, thanks to the utilisation of the KNX standard, installers can hook up a WIDE UP 258Dx1 presence sensor using a single KNX cable, while the ability to ditch any third-party accessories means installation has been streamlined.


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