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UK Power Networks launches new website to promote vehicle-to-grid technology worldwide

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UK Power Networks is really committed to vehicle-to-grid technology and wants the whole industry to get involved. That’s why it has launched a new website called V2G Hub, which gives a complete picture of V2G projects that are currently going on around the world. 

V2G is a relatively new technology which enables electricity to flow from an electric vehicle (EV) back into the local electricity network. It means EVs can be operated as commercial energy storage, generating additional income for their owners and offering extra capacity on electricity networks.

The website includes detailed information on all projects, as well as insights into the market and the opportunity for people to publish information about their own EV project.

V2G Hub has identified 65 projects, in 15 countries across four continents, involving thousands of EVs and chargers. The projects range from a plan to make Portuguese island Porto Santo completely fossil fuel-free, to a Japanese project delivering 4,000 charge points.

Ian Cameron, head of innovation at UK Power Networks said: “We’ve scanned the world to find out what’s happening in the V2G landscape and pulled it all together in one place that people can access freely, to help progress technology.

“We are dedicated to being a leading enabler and facilitator of electric vehicles. Creating important resources like this that benefit the whole industry, is a key part of what we do.”

Marco Landi, V2G and electric vehicle lead at Innovate UK, said: “There is an increasing industry interest around V2G, due to both advantages for customers and the whole energy system. Innovate UK is at the forefront of V2G innovation: together with BEIS and OLEV we launched in the UK what is currently the most ambitious programme of real-world V2G trial in the world, with more than 2500 EVs involved.”

The new website has been jointly commissioned by UK Power Networks as part of its TransPower project, and Government funding body Innovate UK. It has been delivered in partnership with consultancies EVConsult and Everoze.


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