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Three, is a magic number

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Sponsoring our Colocation Supplier of the Year category for 2020, Vertiv are winners in their own right, having scooped an impressive three awards themselves over the last two years. Find out what makes Vertiv such worthy winners and you never know; you might pick up some tips for your own winning entries. 

Data is built into the fabric of our society, from our jobs through to our personal identification. The increasing demand for data must be met through smart data centres managed with reliability, security, and passion. Vertiv addresses the most important challenges facing our data centres, communication networks and commercial and industrial facilities. 

The company’s game-changing portfolio of power, cooling, access and control and IT infrastructure solutions extend from the cloud to the edge to ensure customer applications run continuously, perform optimally and grow alongside their business needs.  

The Vertiv mission 

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Vertiv employs around 20,000 people and does business in more than 130 countries. From video to e-commerce and from healthcare to industrial, Vertiv ensures its customers work with reliable, safe, uninterrupted digital operations and bridge their digital realities to their future operations. 

As one of the leaders in the data centre market, Vertiv is committed to sharing insight on the latest issues facing data centres. These include how the adoption of edge computing will shape the evolution of the IT infrastructure’s network edge and how critical infrastructure across industries is changing. 

Most recently, Vertiv issued a report in partnership with 451 Research, Telco Industry Hopes and Fears. This delivered new insight into how global operators are preparing for the transition to 5G and edge computing, including an assessment of which technologies and services will most affect 5G success over the next decade, along with the unique challenges that 5G and edge computing present. 

The executive team at Vertiv value the importance of sharing insights into how data centres will evolve to meet customer needs. The company therefore continues to conduct long-term research into what data centres will be like in 2025, with the first report published in 2014. 

The second edition of this research published this year, Data Centre 2025: Closer to the Edge, gives us a glimpse into the future of network infrastructure, predicting that edge sites are set to triple by 2025. Giordano Albertazzi, president for Vertiv in Europe, Middle East and Africa points out that a key future challenge will be managing this new infrastructure effectively and efficiently, with remote management playing an increasingly important role in the industry. 

Onto a winner (or three)

The Electrical Review and Data Centre Review Awards has and continues to be a strong platform for Vertiv to raise its profile and establish its position in the data centre market. This recognition has enabled team members such as Alex Pope, enterprise sales director UK, to drive consultant relationships and promote Vertiv to customers. Off the back of the company’s successes, Vertiv continues to be approached to enter similar awards and speak at conferences across the globe.

Proud to be a winner of three categories in the past two years, (2018 Excellence Award for Power and 2019 Excellence Awards for Project of the Year and Energy Efficiency Project of the Year), Vertiv has used these successes to increase brand awareness, raise its profile in the tech sector, and engage with peers. 

It was the company’s UPS, temperature control, monitoring and diagnostics capabilities at Cineca that gained recognition in both 2019 wins. Cineca is a non-for-profit Interuniversity Consortium, comprising 67 Italian universities, nine Italian research institutions and the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR). 

Cineca was looking for a partner to support its requirement for constant enhancement of infrastructure to increase efficiency, availability and reliability whilst also reducing energy consumption and costs. Vertiv helped Cineca implement efficient technologies, increase operational agility, as well as save energy and administration costs.  

Being a multi-award winner did not just spur Vertiv to enter more categories, but also encouraged the company to support exceptional industry practice through sponsoring the Colocation Supplier of the Year category. Vertiv’s mission is to meet the increasing demand for data through passion and innovation, traits that can be found in abundance in the colocation sector.

Vertiv is proud to sponsor the Electrical Review and Data Centre Review Excellence Awards. Putting passion and innovation at the centre of its mission, the company is thrilled to support an event which recognises the latest engineering and forward-thinking design and implementation in the data centre space. 

In addition to the Electrical Review and Data Centre Review Awards recognising Vertiv’s successes as a market leader, its presence at the event has also encouraged other organisations to participate and enter the categories. Vertiv strongly believes the ER Excellence Awards are a fantastic opportunity for data centre professionals to come together and celebrate innovation and best practice.


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