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Olson Electronics is a manufacturer of standard, specialised and bespoke power distribution units (PDUs), interconnecting cables and other power distribution accessories. Here, it outlines some of its comprehensive PDU ranges. 

Founded in 1961, Olson designs and manufactures all of its products at its dedicated head office and manufacturing facility located in Greater London, UK. 

Olson’s product range is one of the most comprehensive on the market and if there is no standard unit that meets the customer’s requirements, then a custom unit can be built to suit their specific needss, with a quick design, manufacture and delivery time, without compromising quality. 

Olson offers other services utilising its various facilities, such as a full metal shop with metal bending capabilities and a spray booth for powder coating. Over the years, Olson has accumulated a variety of ranges which have been catered to particular sectors including healthcare, data centres, education, industrial and audio visual. 

The Surge Protected and RF Filtered range is one of many in the long list of Olson PDUs: This range of units gives users peace of mind when any voltage spikes detected across the unit are regulated to an acceptable voltage, which will prevent damage to devices connected to it. The filtered option removes unwanted electrical noise that has been found on the unit. 

The Suspended range is another impressive selection in Olson’s catalogue of PDUs. This unit, when accompanied with the retractor and cable spring accessory, will allow the user to pull down and lock the unit to the required height, then allow the unit to retract back up towards the ceiling when they’ve finished with the unit. 

The Intelligent Unit is the newest addition to the Olson range of PDUs, with many features which include: 

  • Remote monitoring and switching of up to 32 outputs 
  • SNMP alarm trap enabled 
  • Sequential start 
  • Temperature and humidity sensors compatible 
  • UPS input 
  • Energy consumption readings per individual outputs, as well as other great features. 

The intelligent unit offers users the freedom to manage a data centre remotely while keeping a clear idea of the status of the rack. Users can utilise the SMTP alarm function where they’ll be alerted via email when conditions such as the temperature, outlet states and voltages are not met. 

With Olson’s capabilities, the variations to suit the user’s requirements are endless. Find out more at


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