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FireAngel launches connected fire & CO safety solution

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FireAngel Safety Technology Ltd has introduced its Specification range to offer a smart solution for smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detection.

Designed to provide smarter control to smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detection, the system now features Smart RF technology. It has been designed to provide greater flexibility to future-proof properties and its tenants, as the range can be adapted and upgraded at a later date by fitting a Smart RF radio module into a smoke, heat or carbon monoxide alarm.

The new mains powered range features a 10-year Panasonic lithium battery back-up and offers a carbon footprint measurement, producing on average 95% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than other leading mains powered alarms. According to the company, the alarm costs 60p to run over 10 years, to help support landlords in reducing their carbon footprint, whilst subsequently minimising energy costs.

The Smart RF technology eliminates the time-consuming requirement for channelling or trunking as it can quickly provide the wireless interlinking of up to 50 alarms within one network. This also provides the flexibility to upgrade the system at a later date by installing a FireAngel Connect Gateway.

By upgrading, landlords are able to access information including current status, alarm history, replacement dates and network health through FireAngel Connect. The FireAngel Connect Gateway uses a unique algorithm and features FireAngel Predict technology to identify and highlight dangerous patterns of behaviour that increase fire risk.

A network including a FireAngel Connect gateway can provide real-time fire and CO safety notifications via remote monitoring of the alarms. This information can be used to manage risk more accurately by property type and can provide more accurate maintenance planning, based on the level of risk of each individual tenant.


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