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Megger launches all-in-one tester for motors

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Portable electrical test equipment expert Megger has launched the MTR105 static motor analyser, a handheld instrument combining all the functions needed for testing electric motors in a single easy-to-use device.

In line with Megger’s policy of producing test equipment that is versatile yet intuitive in use, the MTR105 provides a full range of insulation resistance tests along with four-wire low-resistance measurements. It also offers capacitance, inductance and temperature measurement, plus phase rotation and diode checking features.

“Testing motors is a very common requirement but for comprehensive testing, several instruments are usually needed. We are very pleased to offer a better solution with the MTR105, which gives users all the functions they need in one convenient and readily portable instrument,” said Simon Wood, European distribution manager at Megger.

To ensure intuitive operation, the MTR105 has a graphical display and all functions are selected with a single rotary dial. It can perform insulation testing at stabilised test voltages from 50 V to 1,000 V and, as well as standard insulation tests, it supports PI, DAR and timed testing. The instrument is suitable for use in CAT III applications at up to 600 V.

For more information about Megger’s new MTR105 static motor analyser, please click here to visit the Megger website.

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