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HPA welcomes report highlighting threat of net-zero target shortfall

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The Heat Pump Association (HPA) has welcomed a new report from the Science and Technology Committee, which warns that the UK is in danger of missing its net-zero emissions targets.

The report, entitled, Clean Growth: Technologies for meeting the UK’s emissions reduction targets, outlines 10 key policy areas that need to be addressed if the UK is to deliver on its net-zero ambitions. 

The list refers to the lack of consultation on improving energy efficiency in relation to building regulations, despite the hovernment claiming it would do so after the zero-carbon homes policy was axed in 2015. Also highlighted is the Renewable Heat Incentive, due to close to new applications in 2021 but as yet with no replacement scheme announced.

The report goes on to list 10 recommendations to remedy the shortfalls, including the call for a clearer strategy for decarbonising heat, such as large-scale trials of different heating technologies like heat pumps.

Graham Wright, chairman of the HPA, commented, “We keep hearing from all quarters that action needs to be taken now if we are to meet our net-zero emissions targets. However, this is just not happening. If the government gave some clear direction in these areas, then industry and the market in general will respond. We hope this report spurs the government into action on these issues as a matter of urgency.” 


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