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ARCO 400 offers time saving at the push of a button

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The ARCO 400 by OMICRON is the universal test set for recloser controls – it is designed to simplify commissioning and maintenance considerably. 

OMICRON has now added the new ‘Run All’ functionality to make testing of recloser controls even more efficient. It ensures faster loading of test plans and automated execution of tests. This results in a significantly higher test speed, which can save up to 20% in time compared to the previous version. 

In addition, ARCO Control’s proven testing tools have been extended to include a function for generating harmonics. 

All utilities (including municipalities and cooperatives), service providers and manufacturers can benefit from the smart plug-and-play recloser control test set ARCO 400. 

With this new solution, users can master the challenge of testing all settings to ensure correct functionality in less than 12 minutes (including the test setup) and in any weather condition. Furthermore, GPS synchronised injections to test distribution automation schemes are also possible.

To learn more about the ARCO 400, watch the video here.


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