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Flexicon launches FPA80 flexible conduit fitting

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Flexible conduit system manufacturer, Flexicon, has extended its range of FPA fast-fit flexible conduit fittings to include the new FPA80 for larger cable installations.

The FPA80 is one-piece, fast-fit nylon (PA66) fitting compatible with non-metallic flexible conduit systems. Flexicon FPA fittings were already available for conduit systems of up to 67mm nominal size and now the introduction of the FPA80 increases the range further to a market-leading 80mm. 

The conduit is installed by pushing it in to place and twisting to secure, helping to save time on the job when connecting and terminating. With faster and simpler fitting, the FPA80 is designed for larger diameter conduits or where several larger cables need to be routed through the same conduit.

By their nature, such systems are subjected to heavier weight internally with potentially more force and stress between the conduit and the fitting.

Recognising that any connection, or termination interface, is a potential weak spot for an installation, the conduit-to-fitting interface can be critical to protect the integrity of the system. 

Flexicon has therefore designed the FPA80 as a one-piece fitting, featuring eight teeth which secure all round the conduit to provide high pull-off strength. This helps to protect installation integrity at this critical point in the system between the conduit and fitting interface. 

As with all fittings in the FPA range, the FPA80 has been vibration and shock tested to EN61373 Cat 2 and is tamper resistant offering added security. However, removal can be achieved using a screwdriver if necessary.

It is also UV resistant, making it suitable for external applications and is halogen, sulphur and phosphorous free.

The fitting offers an ingress protection rating of IP66 and can withstand temperature ranges of -50oC to 135 oC.


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