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New tool for AR asset maintenance and operations

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Platinum Engineering has partnered with Schneider Electric to create a comprehensive tool for asset management and operations by integrating augmented reality (AR) within Wonderware System Platform.

The new tool is called ATISA – Automated workflow, maintenance and Testing of In-Service Assets – and was developed by incorporating the AR capabilities of Schneider’s Augmented Operator Advisor with Wonderware, the industrial automation platform for supervisory, SCADA, HMI and IIOT applications.

The new platform leverages operational technology, hardware and software with edge-based data processing, providing a comprehensive overview of asset performance and enhancing regulatory compliance. ATISA automatically populates industry-specific workflows with real-time information from the organisation’s assets. The tool is completely automated, requiring only sign-off from the responsible staff member.

ATISA is based around key competency requirements and ensures that tasks are only carried out by those with the capability and authority to do so. The platform emphasises both functional and process safety while removing the need for extensive paperwork, and instead placing all relevant information in the hands of those qualified to make decisions about asset operation and maintenance.

The new tool provides a true end-to-end solution for maintenance and operations which is compatible with all existing infrastructure, and can integrate at all levels of the organisation, no matter how advanced they are on their journey towards digital transformation.

“By incorporating the unique benefits of Augmented Operator Advisor with Wonderware, ATISA creates an ecosystem which captures every activity and can be built on for future hardware and software developments,” said Stephen Maltby, CEO, Platinum Engineering, “We’ve looked incredibly closely at the quality systems and regulatory requirements for a range of industries. One industry where this can make an immediate difference is in oil and gas, which is struggling with increased regulation and safety requirements. ATISA massively reduces the workload, and so supports industries like oil and gas that have suffered an exodus of skills in recent years.”

“Platinum has a well-deserved reputation as leaders in their field, always looking for new ways to adapt, integrate and deliver new technologies into the market,” said Martin Walder, VP industry at Schneider Electric. “ATISA demonstrates the powerful capabilities of EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor, and shows how its capabilities can be extended into a growing range of industry applications and legacy technologies.”

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