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Day: June 11, 2019

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A strong backbone

Livia Rosu, marketing chair at HomeGrid Forum, explains how technology could hold the key to unlocking the future of the power grid.

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All gas and gaiters

I am willing to bet that, up until a few weeks ago, few if any of my devoted readers were aware that the UK government has an official Commissioner for Shale Gas. And even fewer will have known that this important post

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The next generation 

With a shortfall in engineering graduates on our hands, Vinnie Edge, international operations manager at engineering solutions provider, Boulting Ltd, explores what can be done to secure the future of engineering. 

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The burning questions

Energy stored in batteries, especially energy generated from renewable sources, could ease our move away from fossil fuels and towards the low-to-no carbon future prescribed by the recent CCC Net Zero Report, writes ECA energy and emerging technologies solutions advisor Luke Osborne. 

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