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Roxtec UK provides cable sealing solution for Sellafield project

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Roxtec UK is supplying Sellafield, Britain’s biggest nuclear site, with specialist cable sealing solutions to support a major overhaul to infrastructure.

The Manchester firm has been awarded the contract by Sellafield’s Infrastructure Strategic Alliance (ISA). The ISA is an integrated team which consists of three delivery partners; Sellafield Ltd, Morgan Sindall Infrastructure and Arup and is responsible for a £1.1 billion contract to provide essential infrastructure assets to the Sellafield site.


Roxtec UK nuclear and process manager Will Melvin said the firm’s cable seals have been deployed in three new substations as well as CCTV systems across the site. 


“We are supplying the Infrastructure Strategic Alliance with a range of cable sealing solutions,” he said. “Our cabinet seals are being used in a number of substations, and within a CCTV network. Roxtec’s seals are ideal for nuclear environments because of the many demands that a nuclear site has, and the requirement for a true multi hazard seal. Our cable transit cabinet solutions are being used in place of the traditional termination method cable glands, helping save time, space and weight. They are able to manage high cable density by sealing, bonding and grounding all metal-clad and armoured cables in one opening, instead of punching possible leak paths for cable glands. They further reduce the cost and time to install cables, whilst future proofing the build, reducing possible workforce exposure to hazards in many years to come.”


Cumbria’s Sellafield site incorporates the UK’s first nuclear reactors at Windscale, built to supply material for the UK’s nuclear deterrent, which is undergoing decommissioning and dismantling. It further includes Calder Hall, the world’s first commercial-scale nuclear power station, which is currently being defueled, prior to decommissioning and dismantling of its four nuclear power generating reactors.


Melvin said Roxtec UK has been working in the nuclear sector for close to 10 years and it continues to hold major growth potential. Internationally, the firm has supported China National Power Engineering Co, supplying the Taishan Nuclear Power Stations 1 & 2 in Guangdong. In Europe, Roxtec has supported nuclear giant Areva with the Olkiluoto 3 (OL3) project in Finland, one of the largest nuclear reactors in the world.


“The nuclear sector is a massive market for Roxtec with huge potential to supply a range of products,” he said. “Our specialist safety seals are used to seal power cables and utility systems in new and decommissioned buildings as well as data and telecoms cables in data rooms. Over the years, Roxtec has developed a strong reputation in the nuclear market for quality, safety, sustainable development, R&D and competitiveness. These are key assets which will help us grow an even larger market share.”


Security and communications integrator Optilan UK Ltd is working alongside Roxtec on the ISA project. An Optilan spokesperson said: “We are delivering two projects as part of the overall Sellafield site security upgrade project; the sitewide power and telecoms equipment modules and the fibre optic cabling network that provides connectivity for the CCTV cameras. We are pleased to be working with Roxtec, who are providing the rigorous cable sealing system for the equipment modules.”










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