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Luceco upgrades Edinburgh College Estate lighting

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Luceco has  supplied an energy saving LED lighting upgrade to several campuses at Edinburgh College, including Sighthill, Milton Road, Granton, and Midlothian.  

Ameresco is a renewable energy and energy efficiency company offering ESPC-funded energy solutions for public and private organisations. ESPC (Energy Saving Performance Contract) is a third-party financing mechanism that allows building owners to fund energy-saving upgrades through savings made from future utility bills. Ameresco chose Luceco as their preferred lighting manufacturer for Edinburgh College, and McCann Electrical Contractors based in Motherwell were chosen for the electrical installation throughout the campuses.

Many areas throughout the college benefited from the LED lighting upgrade. The Sighthill campus is located to the West of Edinburgh and hosts music and learning centres and has excellent sport facilities. The Milton Road Campus is based in the East of Edinburgh providing modern facilities, in particular training restaurants and a purpose-built auditorium, with the Midlothian Campus, based in Dalkeith, providing one of the most advanced technology teaching centres in Scotland. 

Platinum LED downlights were installed in many of these areas, including open plan communal spaces such as cafeterias and foyers and specialised learning centres, offering possible running cost savings of up to 80%. 

Edgelit and backliD LuxPanel luminaires were installed in many areas, including seminar rooms and lecture theatres, libraries, and classrooms as well as communal areas. High efficiency LuxPanels were supplied with remote ‘plug and play’ drivers for ease of installation.  

Based in the North of Edinburgh, the Granton Campus is a modern facility housing the ‘Learning Street’, providing students with study spaces and the most up-to-date technology available. High efficiency LuxPanels were also used here along with the Academy luminaire.  

Granton also houses one of Scotland’s largest training providers in the performing arts and the Construction Centre for Excellence. A wide range of modern and traditional construction courses – from glazing, carpentry and stone masonry to conservation and heritage construction skills  are all on offer. In the workshops, the IP65-rated Climate LED luminaire was used. Climate Extra has an efficacy of 142 Llm/cW with increased performance for improved energy efficiency. Climate luminaires were also used in carparks throughout the campuses.

The main student social area is known as the ‘Hub’ and is surrounded by a range of college facilities, including student services. The corridors were lit with edgelit LuxPanels and Atlas bulkheads. Atlas provides an alternative to traditional 28 and 38 watt 2D compact fluorescent fittings. Atlas luminaires can be fitted with an integral microwave sensor to further reduce energy consumption. With the corridor function selected, the sensor adjusts the light level to 10% of the normal level when the space is unoccupied.

To date, there have been over 6,000 energy saving LED luminaires installed throughout the campuses at Edinburgh College through the partnership with Ameresco, Luceco and McCann Electrical. McCann’s have an excellent track record in delivering a wide range of electrical solutions across a number of industry sectors with expertise working within educational establishments.  The product selection was compiled by Grahame Scott, project manager at Luceco who identified the best fit energy efficient replacement luminaires on a one for one basis in each area to be relit.


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