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MK Electric claims solution to UK ‘power struggle’

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According to MK Electric, USB integrated sockets could be the answer to the UK’s ‘power struggle’.

New research has revealed that around five million UK households could be falling out over who gets use of plug sockets around the home – and MK Electric believes that the solution is USB integrated wiring devices.

With around 12 portable electronic or electrical devices which require regular charge per residence, it’s unsurprising that one in five homes report arguments over whose device gets access to charge. 

One in 16 adults reported that they have had fights over the issue, whilst one in ten say they’ve become angry when their device is removed from charge to make way for someone else’s.

Emma Segelov, EMEA marketing operations manager, explains how USB integrated sockets can help, “At the moment, national standards dictate that a three-bedroom home must have at least 38 sockets. However, between household appliances and the number of portable devices now present in the average home, this may not feel like enough.

“By installing USB integrated sockets as standard, contractors can offer a simple resolution to the so-called ‘power struggle’, providing convenient charge points to residents without compromising on power for household essentials such as washing machines, kettles, lamps, etc.

“These sockets can also be retrofitted with ease, MK Electric’s Logic Plus and MK Dimesions USB integrated sockets, for example, are engineered to fit into a standard 25mm back box –and include ease of fit features such as backed out and captive screws, including upward facing terminals.

“For contractors, this equals a valuable and easy upsell and an opportunity to add value to a project. It’s vital to ensure that the USB integrated socket chosen incorporates comprehensive electrical protection against an overload or short circuit, and dynamic device recognition (DDR), which ensures optimal and efficient charging, no matter what the device.”


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