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Drive dedicated to photovoltaic applications

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CFW500 solar drives converts DC to AC to deliver control of pumps and motors in off grid environments.

WEG, a leading global manufacturer of motors and drive technology, has unveiled a new optional kit for its class-leading CFW500 series of variable speed drives (VSDs) that facilitates pump motor control through photovoltaic (PV) solar cells. The state-of-the-art CFW500 Solar Drive comprises of a plug-in module to simplify set up and installation, complemented by a rich feature set that offers a host of user benefits. WEG‘s compact, energy-saving CFW500 Solar Drive is ideal for the control of centrifugal and submersible motor pumps installed in places where the power grid is unavailable or unreliable.

The CFW500 Solar Drive works by converting the DC feed from PV panels, into AC that is able to serve and control the motor pump. Importantly, the new kit has a function which provides automatic start/stop according to the available solar energy.

Principal features of the CFW500 Solar Drive include continuous maximum power point tracking (MPPT), double PID for simultaneously controlling both DC voltage and pipeline pressure, and up to four distinct speed and pressure setpoints.

Ease of usability and operability have been considered from original concept. For instance, a counter is included for working hours and generated kWh indication, while a sleep/wake-up function is triggered by DC voltage or pressure within the pipeline. In addition, simple programming is complemented by customisable SoftPLC functions and Modbus-RTU RS485 communication. The CFW500 Solar Drive also offers dry pump protection, as well as safeguarding against over-pressure and broken pipes.

A further important feature is that, with the use of a solar irradiation sensor, it is possible to make use of hybrid power sources, such as solar panels and generator sets. This configuration can help to increase the available operational time during periods of low solar irradiation.

With regard to reliability – a vital factor in remote or poorly served areas – a robust frame facilitates 150% overcurrent for 60 seconds and ambient temperatures up to 50ºC without derating. In addition, the CFW500 Solar Drive features tropicalised electronic boards that enhance the life cycle by protecting the circuit (Class 3C2 of IEC 60721-3-3) in potentially harmful operating environments.

The new CFW500 Solar Drive kit extends WEG’s existing CFW500 range of high-performance VSDs for applications that require speed and torque control of three-phase induction motors. CFW500 VSDs provide sensor-less vector, closed loop vector or scalar V/f (voltage/frequency) control. In addition, the range offers Pump Genius, which adds dedicated functions for pumping systems, and selectable plug-in modules that provide a flexible and optimised solution for any application.


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