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Report response

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The IPCC this week released a report in to the limiting of average global temperature rises to 1.5% above pre-industrial levels.

Beama was among the first to issue a response to the report, calling on the government and industry stakeholders to :

• Make net zero carbon emissions by 2050 a central and fundamental ambition;

• Accelerate the electrification and decarbonisation of the heat and transport sectors;

• Collaborate across sectors and industries to support successive and sustained policy initiatives and progressive building regulations that increase the energy efficiency of all new and existing buildings, including reinstating a Zero Carbon Homes policy.

• Help to deliver a flexible energy system that enables a revolution in renewable energy generation and the swift transition to a low-carbon economy.

• Support reduction of carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 by deploying proven low carbon technologies such as heat pumps, smart electric thermal storage, along with low-temperature heating systems, heating controls and water treatment.

Readers can view Beama’s Electrification by Design Series, making the case for the deployment of proven low carbon technologies.


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