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Schneider Electric has launched an installer training programme for its range of High Power Canalis Busbar electrical distribution systems, set to take place at a purpose-built training facility in Hungary.

Schneider Electric’s partnered installers will travel to the training facility where they will take part in up to four days of practical installation training, to become fully accredited to install the Schneider Electric Canalis system.   

On completion of the training, partners will be fully qualified to quote using CanBRASS software and install Canalis for their customers. They will be audited up to three times per year after the accreditation to ensure they are upholding installer best-practice, providing a guarantee for functionality of the products, as well as peace of mind for the end customer that they have a fully compliant system.

All training materials and software are be provided by Schneider Electric, with the standard set at a high level with a pass or fail exam for both the practical and theory elements of the course.

Canalis is a range of low voltage busbar trunking systems used to carry and distribute electricity in all types of working and domestic environments. Busbar systems are used to safely implement three-phase and single-phase power distribution systems, often in large environments such as factories, warehousing, data centres, retail facilities, laboratories, hospitals, universities, banking and healthcare.

The busbar is an effective alternative to other distribution solutions. It is easier to install, takes up less space and is immune to the warping and wear-and-tear experienced by traditional cables. 

Its modular, premade segments can be easily pieced together for any indoor or outdoor environment. This means that, unlike cables, it can also be easily adapted, expanded or reduced as the power needs of customers change.  

Canalis now offers a SMART tap-off for medium or high-power Busbar with connectivity to Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Power. This allows for connectivity to either by RJ485 Modbus or Ethernet allowing ability to measure power, power factor, frequency, volt amperes, watt hours, volts (each phase), current (each phase) current (neutral), reactive power, and temperature. It also provides the ability to set minimum and maximum alarm trigger levels for the current in amps for each phase.

Being qualified to install the Canalis system onsite for customers is an added business opportunity for electricians, but only if they know how to install Canalis’ many variations. 

Philip Baker Systems & OEM offer manager at Schneider Electric said, ‘We are seeing strong demand from customers for contractors who can both sell and install the Canalis system. The programme is a great chance for our partners to pick up new skills and take advantage of the business opportunities Canalis can offer.”

Viv Sullivan, director at BMS Services Ltd added, “We’re looking forward to welcoming Schneider Electric’s partners to the facility. The training on offer is intensive, but there’s definitely an advantage in letting electricians get their hands on the busbar as we guide them individually through the process.”

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