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VX25 enclosure transition made easy

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Rittal is supporting control and switchgear engineering as it transitions to Industry 4.0 and adopts its new VX25 large enclosure system.The new VX25 conversion assistant for parts lists provides free data and an intelligent selector and configurator, simplifying the transition from the TS 8 enclosure system to the new VX25 large enclosure system.

Control and switchgear manufacturers wanting to improve productivity, in line with Industry 4.0, need high-quality data to deliver the results they are looking for.

The new Rittal VX25 large enclosure system does just that, providing high-quality data for every process along its value chain – from electrical planning through mechanical design to manufacturing.

A variety of web-based software tools are available from Rittal so that companies can quickly, easily and precisely convert to the new enclosure system.

Parts lists from the earlier TS 8 enclosure system can now be easily turned into VX25 parts lists with the VX25 conversion assistant. TS 8 parts lists from projects that are to be used again simply need to be loaded into the conversion tool as an Excel file, using drag and drop.

If the selection is based on the model number and quantity, the VX25 parts list will be provided with just one click. It also automatically displays any items not relevant to the VX25.  The converted parts list can be simply downloaded or placed in the shopping cart for online ordering. TS 8 Model Numbers can also be entered individually and corresponding VX25 Model Numbers along with additional product information, will quickly be found.

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