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Framework agreement with British based multinational company Centrica

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Powerstar has announced it signed a framework agreement with multinational utility company Centrica plc, owner of British Gas

The terms of the agreement outline Powerstar as a preferred supplier, and highlights Powerstar’s commitment to provide Centrica with behind-the-meter (where a client utilises energy storage onsite) energy storage systems during an exciting and evolving energy market. 

Powerstar VIRTUE already accounts for more than 75% of all behind-the-meter battery energy storage systems in the UK. Powerstar’s bespoke VIRTUE energy storage solution ranges from 50kW up to 10MW and has recently been awarded European and USA Patents. 

The co-operation between the two companies will support the wider adoption of energy storage solutions in the UK with an emphasis on delivering complete behind-the-meter energy solutions. 

Crucially, this bespoke solution can provide power resilience to organisations through its seamless Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities and allow businesses to make cost savings on network charges through peak DUoS shaving and Triad avoidance, as well as generate revenue from grid services. Power resilience is a particularly important issue highlighted by Centrica itself in a recent energy resilience report which showed that energy related failures can cost businesses up to 17% of their revenues.

The framework agreement has commenced with the order of two 500kW Powerstar VIRTUE systems for the Centrica head office in Windsor. The Windsor systems will have full load seamless UPS capacities and will be integrated with the award-winning Powerstar voltage regulation technology to provide energy optimisation. The systems will be fully demonstrated to Centrica’s clients to showcase behind-the-meter storage solutions.

Dr Alex Mardapittas, founder and chief executive officer of Powerstar, said: “To secure a framework agreement with an industry titan such as Centrica is a proud milestone for Powerstar during a period that has been filled with continued growth and development.

“I believe this Framework is a testament to the quality of our systems which is a direct result of the investments in R&D we have made in the last decade. We look forward to embracing the future opportunities it will provide.”




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