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The answer’s yes. Now, what’s the question?

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Buildings come in all shapes and sizes. So, the electrical installations do too. To specify the right consumer unit for each job, there’s lots to think about.

Are aesthetics important? Do you need a compact unit with a large number of outgoing ways? Or Amendment 3 Switch Fuse units? Is the consumer unit in a meter cabinet?

Then there’s the need to maintain power continuity in the event of a fault – important for householder safety.

That’s why Wylex offers a wider choice of consumer units than any other.

Wylex’s all-metal Amendment 3 range includes main switch (all RCBO) high integrity, split load, dual RCD and dual tariff. Off the shelf units for micro generation. Units with surge protection included. And compact Duplex units with up to 38 ways for very large dwellings. All Wylex consumer units have 80A RCDs, and all are supported by the widest range of devices and installation accessories.

So whatever the requirement, turn to Wylex. The answer’s Yes.

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