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Four procedures to make an office more safe and secure

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Employee health and safety is one of the most important requirements for business owners. Both internally and externally, the process established for your office can often go a long way to ensure the safety and security of the personnel.

Whether you have a business that is large or small, here are four procedures you can implement to make an office more safe and secure.


A logical start is to firstly review the structural integrity of the office’s building. A building diagnostics tool can detect defects that may represent an opportunity for burglars to break in and enter. Therefore, in identifying these it can be very valuable for safeguarding your business assets against theft.

Reviewing internally, it is important to carry out office inspections, typically on a yearly basis, on areas such as safety of electrical appliances used in the office. As a business owner, it is important to consider that the electricals being used do not present any danger to employees. Although many electrical safety faults can be easily seen with visual inspection, there are still some defects that can only be detected through testing. Customarily, professionals will undertake this procedure by coming into your office with PAT testing equipment to test and ensure common office equipment, such as computers and kitchen appliances, are safe to use.


Today’s modern offices now typically have very expensive equipment and technology which are often a target for thieves. The building diagnostics will identify any weaknesses in a building for opportunistic thieves trying to break in. To add an extra layer of security, cameras are commonly used as a measure of surveillance and to provide protection for employees.

One of the main benefits of security cameras is their capabilityto record activity. In the unfortunate situation of should a theft occur, business owners will be able to track back and view recordings to gain any evidence.

Security cameras are commonly placed internally in an office building where there is a high level of activity. Externally, they can often be found at entrances to surveillance any personnel that cannot be identified and should not be entering the office. Cameras that are prominently visible can also be very effective in dissuading a burglar.


Business owners have a duty to undertake a workplace risk assessment. Carrying this out can contribute much valuable information in ascertaining what additional security processes and features can be introduced in the interest of employee health and safety.

As an example of extra security that can be established following a risk assessment is that, should the office building be shared with other businesses and is within a fairly open and public domain, the assessment may find the office at risk of intruders having easy access. In discovering this, at a company level, a process can be introduced whereby all employees will require formal identification, such as a key card, for example.


Although this area does not necessarily represent a physical threat, it has become ever more important in recent times for the protection of a business’ data and sensitive information. The aforementioned recommended procedures will prove to be effective in safeguarding office’s valuable physical assets, but with how businesses operate today and with much of it being online, there is also need to step up security from cyber threats.

With the introduction of the cloud, so much sensitive data is now stored online, whether that be a business’ finance details, employee records or confidential client information. Therefore in some respects, compared to the loss of physical assets, online theft of such details can be more damaging to a business should they fall into the wrong hands.

Ensure your security software is up to date and meets all the necessary requirements to protect your business’ online information from viruses and threats.

If in doubt, consult with a IT security professional who will be able to advise you on what you should have and should be doing to ensure your business operates safely online.

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