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Bsria responds to lecture

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Bsria has responded to a recent speech given by Greg Clark, secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy to the Institute of Energy Economics highlights how the UK can cut the cost of energy; cut how much carbon the country generates; drive economic growth and improve the quality of life.

Clark said “he is looking forward to a low carbon economy and putting Britain on a path to a prosperous low carbon future in which we could benefit industrially as well as economically from the changes”.

He added large-scale, low cost batteries started outbidding some more conventional generation in the “capacity auction”. And that the list of innovations goes on across the energy sector. Smart technologies to help people save money in their homes are key.

Clark said this means “taking the opportunity to enhance our energy security, particularly in our electricity market, through a smarter, much more responsive system”.

And, “continuing to reduce our carbon emissions and to make sure that this transformation benefits our wider economy”.

One example of that is the work government has been doing is on battery technology and ultra-low emission vehicles. It has launched the Faraday challenge – designed to ensure that the UK is the place in the world where new battery technology is commercialised.





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