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Socomec Scores With Sircover ATS Bypass At Twickenham

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Socomec’s Sircover ATS Bypass switching technology is being used to guarantee power availability for stadium safety systems and essential broadcast equipment at the home of rugby, Twickenham sports stadium.

Socomec ATS Bypass switches are manual four pole transfer switches with positive break indication, designed to isolate ATS type electrical equipment or UPS with the minimum interruption to the load supply. The Socomec ATS Bypass incorporates Socomec’s proven AtyS automatic transfer switching technology, combined with a maintenance bypass system to allow any testing or inspection procedures to be carried out safely – without interruption to the load – guaranteeing power availability to critical loads at all times.

The complete system has been designed, manufactured and tested by the manufacturer, Socomec. Fully certified to IEC 61439, the bypass allows the system to also meet the ATS requirements of BS8519.

In the event of a mains failure, the ATS Bypass will transfer to the backup supply. The status of the supplies and the system are monitored remotely by the building management system, delivering optimum efficiency.

ATS Bypass switches have 3 stable positions which are not affected by voltage drops or vibrations and the system provides simultaneous upstream and downstream isolation and fully visualised breaking.

Working in partnership with Shepherd Engineering Services (SES), Socomec products have been deployed around the stadium supplying various loads including lifts, pumps, control centres and a restaurant.

Glen Smith of SES comments; “Socomec’s ATS system was selected in this application for its unparalleled reliability and cost effectiveness – as well as being as efficient in terms of space as it is on energy. It is vital for Twickenham to meet important safety standards; furthermore, it is critical to maintain power during matches and events both commercially for the stadium itself and in terms of delivering an excellent customer experience every time. Commissioning was fast and efficient, supported by a highly professional and skilled Socomec team of expert engineers.”

To learn how your organisation could benefit from Socomec’s automatic switching technology please check out our website.

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