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Lifetime achievement award

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Jock Simpson was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by SELECT, the campaigning trade body for the electrotechnical industry in Scotland.The award recognises that, over a long and distinguished career, Simpson has been at the heart of the energy and electrical industries and his expertise, wisdom and experience have had a beneficial effect on many people’s lives.

He is executive chairman of the National Joint Council for the Engineering Construction Industry, a partnership between trades unions and employers, and Chairman of the Scottish Joint Industry Board, a partnership between SELECT and Unite the Union.

 Simpson also has extensive experience in the energy industry, including senior roles with major organisations such as British Energy and npower.

 Newell McGuiness, SELECT managing director, said: “Jock Simpson has worked tirelessly throughout his career to enhance employee-employer relations and has had to exercise the judgement of Solomon in often very testing situations

“His skills in industrial relations, negotiation, change management and strategic planning have often been instrumental in keeping competing parties together, agreeing on difficult issues and seeking compromises”He has taken on heavy responsibilities, reached to the top in a variety of different areas and has always acted in the best interests of everyone working in the industry, from shop floor to boardroom.”

The award was presented at a gathering at the Radisson Blu in the centre of Glasgow hosted by Keith Aitken, one of Scotland’s most talented and versatile journalists.

It was attended by a wide range of companies, from major electrical enterprises to local firms, illustrating the diversity and strength of Scotland’s electrical sector.

Simpson has been with the NJC since 2002. As executive chairman, he has been instrumental in promoting improvements in working practice and culture. He has helped create new, inclusive alliances vital to the attainment of greater efficiency.

By extending the scope and effectiveness of partnership within the industry, Simpson’s role within the NJC has helped to secure long-term prosperity for clients, contractors and workforce alike.

 At the SJIB, which Simpson joined in 2009, he has helped to stimulate and further the progress of the industry. He has also contributed to regulatio and control of employment, levels of skill and proficiency, health and safety competence, wages and welfare benefits.

Fiona Harper, head of employment affairs at SELECT and The Secretary of the SJIB, said: “Jock Simpson has made a huge contribution to the past, present and future health of the industry. He has brought a keen mind, wisdom and patience to difficult situations and shown that resolution is always more beneficial than conflict.”


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