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Lacking confidence

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A national survey of 730 tradespeople carried out by ElectricalDirect in support of National Home Security Month has revealed that 89% of survey respondents are not confident when advising customers on smart security.

Only one in ten (12%) tradespeople said they felt “very confident” when it comes to offering guidance on smart security products, which include products such as smart lighting, smart alarms and locks which can be connected to smartphones. 

Less than half (43%) of tradespeople said they are either regularly or occasionally asked about fitting smart security products, while traditional security lighting is in the most preferred products requested by customers. This indicates that although technology is in demand, smart security is yet to grow in use by the British public.

Wayne Lysaght-Mason, managing director of ElectricalDirect said: “Technology in property security – especially smart security – is rapidly evolving and is highly effective in making properties secure while providing new, user-friendly products including smartphone apps. 

“Although it is understandable that smart security is yet to become as popular as more established electrical security products, we encourage that tradespeople use this as an opportunity and look into available smart security options, and the fantastic benefits they can bring – whether they are in addition to, or a replacement for, traditional methods.”

Technology can provide an ideal preventative measure against burglary – the majority (86%) of tradespeople said their customers only purchase home security products after a break-in. Another 86% of respondents thought their customers’ premises can be better secured.

This is a major matter of concern since, according to the National Home Security Month campaign, homes without security are five times more likely to be burgled than those with some measures in place.

ElectricalDirect offers a range of electrical security products such as the MiHome Open Sensor, which notifies owners via a smartphone app when it detects open windows and doors and remote lighting that can be controlled at the touch of a button.


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