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Priva urges Mayor of London to include London’s thousands of historic buildings in his ambitious draft Environment Strategy

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As the Mayor of London launches his vision for the greener, cleaner, zero carbon London, leading building energy management systems provider Priva urges him to work with conservators, owners and managers of some of the nation’s most valuable historic buildings in order to help meet his ambitious targets and conserve our (built) heritage for future generations.

With London’s population due to grow to over 11 million by 2050, the time to take action is now, as the Mayor of London’s strategy states: “To realise London’s full potential now and in the future, the city needs to think about its environment in new ways…..This strategy sets out a vision for London in 2050 that will realise the potential of London’s environment to support good health and quality of life and make the city a better place to live, work and do business.”

The draft Environment Strategy identified a number of challenges that need to be addressed urgently, in order to achieve the vision of a greener, cleaner, zero carbon London. What’s clear is the need for a grown-up holistic approach, starting with the very design of the capital’s key buildings and infrastructure.

Anders Noren, MD of leading building energy management systems company Priva welcomes this approach, “A holistic, design-led approach is key to bringing together all these disparate projects, whether in buildings, transport, recycling, heating, lighting, energy or air quality, to ensure London is ready for the challenges ahead and protected for future generations. But it isn’t just about new buildings, housing developments or schools, all of which are crucial for London’s growing population.

“We need to design more energy-efficient buildings, which includes bringing existing, sensitive and historic buildings into the 21st century and we must harness new technologies to future-proof these precious heritage attractions.

“If we can do these things at the design stage, we can ensure they are safe, efficient and healthy workplaces and tourist destinations. Plus we will be that much closer to helping the Mayor of London realise his ambitious zero carbon city status by 2050.”


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