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Empowering citizens in smarter cities – webinar

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Speakers include Susanne Seitinger, a specialist in smart cities from Philips Lighting who brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience

Philips Lighting and SmartCitiesWorld’s webinar aims to share best practice and experience

The benefits of a smart city envisioned by 12 diverse cities around the world will be the focus of a webinar being hosted by Philips Lighting and SmartCitiesWorld on 29 June.

 Sarah Murray, a writer on business, society and the environment for the Economist, will moderate the discussion alongside Susanne Seitinger, a specialist in smart cities from Philips Lighting.

 The webinar aims to highlight the differing opinions between what citizens and business expect from digital technologies. It will also explore the growing interest citizens have in shaping their cities as well as their willingness to share data to improve city services. The attitude towards citizen engagement by mayors and how private sector partnerships are advancing smart cities will also be discussed.

Philips Lighting’s Susanne Seitinger has a deep understanding of how towns and cities are evolving into better connected societies and will bring a wealth of insight to the discussion. She is Global Sub-segment manager for Parks and Plazas/Open Spaces in Professional Systems and is responsible for leading the strategy around the impact of programmable LED lighting elements to create safe, inviting and responsive urban environments.

Her combined background in architecture, urban planning and human-computer interaction is comprised of research and design projects such as the Digital Mile in Zaragoza, Spain, and Urban Pixels, which are wireless, solar-powered lighting units for cities that blur the boundary between digital display technology and traditional urban lighting.

Her projects also include LightBridge, a 10,000-pixel dynamic display created for the FAST Festival of Art, Science and Technology in celebration of MIT’s 150th anniversary. Sensors in the display respond to the movement of pedestrians on the bridge and ambient data such as the weather, blurring the boundaries between traditional city lighting and the responsive infrastructures of tomorrow.

Participants are encouraged to interact and share their experiences. Sarah Murray, long-time Financial Times contributor and former FT staff journalist, as well as regular contributing author for the Economist Group, will moderate the discussion. The journalist, author and speaker also writes research reports for universities, foundations and others and posts for the Influencer site of LinkedIn.

Digital technologies are the lifeblood of today’s cities. More and more sensors and smart devices are joining urban networks and analytics are facilitating the interpretation of the data these sensors collect. This webinar aims to show elected officials, city planners and administrators how they can gain an unparalleled understanding of the infrastructure and services of their city via this technology.

 Date: Thursday 29 June 2017

Time: 15:00 (BST); 16:00 (CET)

Length: 45 minutes

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