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New emergency lighting luminaire

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Mackwell has launched an update on its successful XYLUX LR4 luminaire. 

The updated luminaire offers an IP65 rating whilst not compromising on the impressive photometry and performance in both anti-panic and escape route applications that is expected of the LR4 luminaire. The luminaire can be optimised for each application using tailored optics in the form of two lenses.

The IP65 rating allows the versatile luminaire to be used in wider applications where water ingress is an issue, enabling the product to be utilised throughout the whole of a scheme whilst incorporating Mackwell’s innovative articulated control gear for flexibility and multiple interior applications, such as corridors, stairwells and open offices.

The new luminaire is available with 3hr emergency duration for both standard stand-alone applications and DALI with self-test functionality for large scale applications where an integrated systems approach is required.

The IP65 rating has been added with minimal change to the physical appearance of the product. Therefore it continues to offer a miniature, unobtrusive design which blends into the architectural environment.

Emergency lighting is a legal obligation that Mackwell believes should never be compromised. Safety should be through choice, not simply by chance.


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