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Bsria launches performance evaluation in Domestic Buildings Guide

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Bsria has announced the release of its new Building Performance Evaluation in Domestic Buildings Guide (BG64/2016) which is available to download from its website and as a hard copy.

Despite genuine intentions to develop efficient homes and other residential buildings, the industry is still ‘missing the mark”. Recent research from academia and industry has shown that buildings do not always perform in the way that was originally intended. This results in inefficiencies in energy performance, and occupant dissatisfaction. Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) is the process of evaluating how a building performs and can be carried out on both new and existing buildings.

This guide is intended to support the industry by explaining how to use BPE to understand how homes and other residential buildings are performing, and to investigate and address these issues. It is a general introduction to BPE and explains why it is important and how it can be carried out. It is aimed at clients, designers, developers, contractors, housing associations and social landlords, to improve their understanding about BPE and how they can benefit from it.

Dr Michelle Agha-Hossein, Bsria’s sustainability consultant, said: “This guide is a general introduction to Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) in domestic buildings. It explains how BPE should be carried out and what activities and methods can be used on projects to address issues related to energy efficiency and occupant comfort. If you are to deliver an efficient and healthy building, we recommend that you to get your copy.”  

The Building Performance Evaluation in Domestic Buildings Guide (BG64/2016) costs £30.00 for a hard copy but is free to download.


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