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Schneider Electric Launches new 3-Phase UPS Solution, with ECOnversion technology and Li-ion batteries, in the UK & Ireland

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The Galaxy VX UPS Power Protection solution for large to Hyperscale Data Centres contains an ultra-efficient ECOnversion energy saving system and is powered by innovative Lithium-Ion batteries; meaning customers need no longer trade-off between efficiency and reliability.

  • Latest solution offers highly efficient, scalable three-phase power protection
  • ECONversion 4-level inverter improves reliability and boosts efficiency
  • Provides flexible operating modes for large facilities, data centers and business-critical applications, driving higher efficiency and lower TCO
  • Introduces innovative pay-as-you-grow, scalable UPS architecture

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation, today introduced Galaxy VX™, a highly efficient, easy to deploy, compact three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with flexible operating modes for large facilities, data centres and business-critical applications.

This innovative pay-as-you-grow solution will support enterprises in their move to hyperscale data centres, enabling them to reap the greatest value in their IT deployments by delivering efficiency without compromising reliability. It is available from 750kW to 1,5MW ratings and can be paralleled to support multi-MW load power requirement.

“Our customers have three main challenges,” said Gael Souchet, Senior Product & Launch Manager, Schneider Electric. “These are risk management, encompassing reliability, ease of maintenance and safety; capital preservation and reducing operating expenses. Galaxy VX addresses each of these with improved technology, greater ease of use and compatibility with a variety of power architectures.”

“ECOnversion technology provides the best compromise between 99% efficiency and reliability,” he continued. “The industry leading technology deployed within the Galaxy VX system has gained market acceptance quickly and presents Schneider Electric customers with a highly resilient and efficient power protection solution, coupled with energy savings of more than £407,000 over the 10 year life of a 1,5MW UPS.”

The Galaxy VX features a four-level inverter for greater reliability and efficiency. Lithium ion batteries provide better power density than equivalent lead-acid batteries yielding savings in space and easier maintenance, resulting in an improved mean time to replacement (MTTR).

“With Galaxy VX, we’re also providing customers with multiple energy storage options”, he continued. “This presents them with the best power protection solution for their business, whilst enabling them to prepare for future energy storage requirements.”

Intended for use in large data centres and colocation facilities, the Galaxy VX is rated at 1.5MW / 1.25MW,1MW & 750kW, making it ideally suitable and scalable for the power requirements of such facilities.

Up To 99% Efficiency

Galaxy VX fully integrates with Schneider Electric latest energy management solutions, including StruxureOn Digital Services for Data Centres and features flexible operating modes to optimise the efficiency of IT environments, including:

  • ECOnversion Mode: With this new operating mode, Galaxy VX offers a hybrid between Eco Mode and Double Conversion Mode. ECOnversion delivers double conversion performance with up to 99% efficiency.
  • Double Conversion Mode: Through highly efficient Double Conversion Mode, Galaxy VX reduces switching losses using a four-level conversion technology. The reduced switching stress offers greater reliability and reduction in failure rate.
  • Eco Mode: Galaxy VX offers a traditional economy mode, but is now not required in Schneider Electric’s V series UPS as ECOnversion offers up to 99% efficiency with same reliability as Double  Conversion.

The newest member of the Galaxy V family of power protection solutions, Galaxy VX seamlessly integrates into the electrical, physical and monitoring environments of customers operating data centres, industrial or facilities applications.

For more information on Schneider Electric’s Galaxy V portfolio of power protection solutions, visit the Schneider Electric website.

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