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Data Centres Ireland

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In recent years, data centres have become a profitable business in Ireland. Multinationals like Microsoft, Google and Amazon have rooted their data storage sites across the country leaving Ireland in the unique position of having all of the top five international IT cloud providers and the top ten IT companies based in the country… with the likes of Brexit and Safe Harbor2. The reasons that companies are seeking to host their data in Ireland is becoming more and more compelling… and as a result so are the opportunities.

Over €2bn (£1.68bn) of investment in new datacentres or expansions to existing datacentres in Ireland has been announced this year already

But this is not the end, as the Irish Wind Energy Association is forecasting a further €2bn of datacentres, new builds and expansions to existing sites to be announced in the next 5 years.

Whilst Ireland is known for the large hyper-scale data centres, the market is changing as more independent carrier neutral data centres are being built, and with the demand for edge-centres continuing to grow this will only increase.

Data Centres Ireland
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