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Wieland Electric’s RST MINI, is the smallest connector on the market with the maximum IP rating and provides quick and safe on-site installation.  The system is ideal for use in projects where a compact design and space saving construction is important.

The 3 and 5 pole connector incorporates a patented twist lock technology which engages automatically when plugged in.  Once the 2 part plugs are connected, the system gives an audible ‘click’ signal that informs the user that the connection has been made.  Wieland’s RST MINI system also reduces installation errors by using mechanical and colour coding which means that it is only possible to join connectors that match one another.

RST MINI is well suited to diverse requirements with ratings of 250/400 V and 16 A with a IP66, IP69K and IP68 protection rating.   In accordance with the IEC 61535 standard, the system meets the highest safety requirements to protect against electric shock, resistance to overheating and hazardous interchangeability.

Wieland’s RST MINI is not just a stand-alone connector as it also forms a complete installation system with device connections, ready-made cable assemblies and distribution blocks completing the portfolio. The RST MINI connectors are also available in 2 and 4 pole versions.

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