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Simple specification tool

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Lewden has incorporated all of the items in its metal products range into a new catalogue to provide customers with a simple specification tool. It includes technical information, full product descriptions with clear colour photos, product codes, templates and bespoke solutions.


The catalogue includes the PD series of watertight metal plugs and sockets with IP66 protection, the Alupres and Alumax ranges of interlocked sockets, Unibox universal boxes and Alupres junction boxes and the Rino series of industrial lighting.

Suitable for heavy duty applications with high temperature fluctuations, the PD weathertight, metal clad range has been designed to withstand the most arduous conditions and the products are supplied their natural finish. The enclosures are constructed using die-cast zinc and consist of 3, 4 and 5 pin plugs, sockets and switch sockets, covering 10A, 15A and 30A ratings. The switch range covers 10A, 20A and push button in round enclosures, a square enclosure for 10A intermediate and 32A switches and rectangular for two gang switch arrangements in configurations of double pole, 1 way and 2 way.

Alupres interlocked sockets have been engineered for areas where there are highly abrasive substances, such as foundries, blast furnaces, steel works, canning and deep freeze industries. The sockets are manufactured using aluminium alloy and have mechanical or electrical interlock. The system has versions from 16A up to 250A, with or without fuses and with MCB integrated or an EN50022 rail that can be fitted with modular devices. All of the sockets have IP67 protection and can be combine in different formations thanks to the dedicated boxes with transparent windows. The casing is treated with ecological, anticorrosion passivation with fluoro-zirconium and finished with hot polymerized scratch resistant, non-toxic polyester painting for extra durability.

The IP65 rated Alumax low voltage switched sockets with electrical interlock are made from 15/10 sheet steel, finished with hot polymerized, scratch resistant, non-toxic polyester paint and equipped with an aluminium alloy socket for heavy duty applications from 250A to 400A. The coupling system is equipped with Easy Contact technology to provide the perfect performance in time for the electric contact and to facilitate connection/disconnection.

The Rino range of industrial light fittings have a special, reinforced gasket that guarantees IP66 protection, a new glass diffuser that offers a wider, transparent surface for improved photometric performance and an ultra-bright aluminium reflector that provides optimum efficacy of the luminous flux which, in turn, gives an extremely uniform light distribution. The Rino LED is new to the Rino family and offers a ‘light scattering’ system to ensure over 35% energy savings when compared to that of a T8 fluorescent lamp. Visual comfort is guaranteed via an anti-glare diffuser and the non-deformable structure of the luminaire makes it suitable for use in areas where vibration is a hazard. Applications include food and chemical industries, mines and environments where cutting oil is used. 

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