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ALLEGRO/524/1 Automotive linear regulator IC

The new A4481 from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is an AEC-Q100 qualified linear voltage regulator IC with built-in control, diagnostics and protection features that address the requirements of automotive applications.

The new device regulates input voltages between 5.25 and 40 V down to an output voltage of 5 V ±1%, and is able to supply up to 50 mA of load current. As a result, it will power sensors, low-power microcontrollers and transceivers in automotive control units for interior and under-hood applications. 

The diagnostic output from the A4481 includes a Ôpower OKÕ output, while protection features include output protection from a short-to-battery event up to 32 V – in the case of a wiring harness fault, for example – input undervoltage lockout, foldback overcurrent protection, output undervoltage and overvoltage protection, and thermal shutdown.

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